We have been doing business with Crane Hobson since 1992. They devote the time to understand our culture and staffing needs. They always identify top caliber talent in a highly professional manner. They are a valued resource and a partner in our growth.

James Cavaluzzi, CEO Trans World Marketing

To Whom It May Concern:

My first introduction to Crane Hobson & Company was back in 1995.  Twenty years later, I continued to use them to fill critical open positions – as well, I have myself been placed in two career advancing executive positions by them. 

Such a long term professional relationship with Crane Hobson & Company is easily explained.  They’ve consistently exceeded my expectations – both as an employer seeking the perfect candidate, and as a candidate seeking the perfect position.

The typical recruiter forwards every resume they run across onto every company they know under the faulty assumption that by merely increasing the number of random resumes in circulation they will somehow increase their odds of collecting a fee.

Crane Hobson takes a different approach – and, there’s nothing random about it.   For example, before starting a search, they spend a great deal of time getting to know their client.  Then, before ever presenting a candidate, they get to know them, too.

Granted, I typically see fewer candidates when Crane Hobson’s involved filling an open position.  However, that’s only because the early candidates they sent me were not only right for the position but right for our company – and, I hired them.      


Mark Stanton, Division President and General Manager

I have worked with Frank for over six years and have not found anyone that matches his level of professionalism and integrity. The candidates he presents are exceptionally well qualified.

Bernie Baszak, VP Sales International Paper

Crane Hobson's Industry knowledge is superior. They understand our needs and identify the appropriate talent. They "get it"

PRATT INDUSTRIES, Sustainable Packaging & Solutions